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Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Send Another Message To The Paparazzi

These two are just the best.

autism $peaks supports #eugenics and has no autistic people on their board and is opposed to autistic people like myself existing so no, this isn’t a good thing, this is a catastrophic research failure at best and a blatant call for the eradication of autistic people at worst(I’m inclined to believe the first one for both their and your cases, but I’ve been proven to be overly optimistic before). please don’t support autism speaks in any way. if you want to support actual autistic people, Autistic Self Advocacy Network is a great place to start. Thank you for your time(unless you knew what AS is like and posted this anyway)!

Ah, I'm sorry for saying the same thing two times, but I left another note in the same post also suggesting Erossexual or something of the sort and when I looked again at the notes, the only one that figured was the latter, so I just sent what I had thought before in an ask D: Sorry

it’s okay, i didn’t really notice anyways :$ i need to get more sleep these days

better the same answer twice than no answers at all, rly

iwouldratherbeadreamer replied to your post “Do you know if there’s a word for being unable to distinguish between romantic and sexual attraction? I’ve heard quoisexual for sexual and platonic, but that isn’t what I’m feeling, it’s something else.”

I am not aware of one, perhaps they can coin it themselves? I don’t have a lot of creativity, but I’ll think of something. Maybe just something like romosexual?

For the anon, I also though about simply saying romosexual.


Do you know if there's a word for being unable to distinguish between romantic and sexual attraction? I've heard quoisexual for sexual and platonic, but that isn't what I'm feeling, it's something else.


I’m familiar with the idea, but if there’s a word for it yet, I’m afraid I haven’t heard of it, sorry nonny






[image: a google search for the phrase “i shall walk the earth and my hunger shall know know bounds”, with google showing the results for weight watchers]

The left handed thing is satire, don't worry!


Ah, okay, thank you! c:

Being bi gets people verbally and physically abused. Being left handed gets me scissors that work funny sometimes. Priorities, people.







I dunno, sounds to me like you have some internalised leftphobia.

Kinda off-topic, but did you know there’s a type of ambidexterity called cross-dominance? It’s where you’re right-handed for some things and left-handed for others. It really pisses off people who insist you should just choose one hand and be done with it.

"Natural" ambidexterity is not very common, though. Cross-handed people are most likely left-handed and all left-handed people are ambidextrous to some degree. For example, most everyday items are for right-handed people, so left-handed individuals develop motor skills in their non-dominant hand from a young age. People adapt and bodies can do amazing things.

And hey look there are even people who think cross-dominance doesn’t exist, it’s just something left-handed people do in a right-handed world. This comparison is pretty hilarious.

"right socialisation"

"you just haven’t found the right hand yet"

I love that this is a thing in 2014

sorry to butt in with nothing to add, but is this satire or serious? I can’t tell, sorry

It’s eleven at night and I’m having a seizure I just want to go to sleep and pet my cat ugh