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i just found out that the backstory of some horror movie villain is that his mom is a neurotypical nun who works at a mental hospital and accidentally gets locked in overnight with the patients so naturally the scary violent disabled men decide to #rape her because that’s what mentally ill men do lmao and he’s evil bc his father was mental patient i guess??

abled people are such fucking trash oh my god


I’m awwtistic: cute and autistic


me: jaeger program

u: coastal wall program

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absolutely destroy the idea that you have to be loved romantically and love romantically

destroy the idea that the end goal of life is to get into a romantic relationship/marriage

romantic love isn’t a requirement to live life and it never will be

Okay stay lonely I’m sorry my body is programmed to want crave and give love.

for future reference, alloromantics, this is why we hate you

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ok so i think i might be """high functioning""" autistic (self dxing) but idk if to take it any further. it seems that i stim and have a special interest (but i dont really infodump bc of my social anxiety). and sometimes id really rather be nonverbal (but im learning sign language, so yay). idk i just wanted a lil support bc ur great <3


i usually dont infodump (outloud anyway) for the same reason friend <3

idk what kind of support you’re looking for exactly but you sound autistic or autistic cousin-y to me and super nice and eeeee thank u ur great too

after like 5 months i have finally admitted to myself that its probably not just something weird i ate 

so uh i have ibs or crohns or celiac disease or something  


i’m too shy to bring up the whole “something is horrifyingly wrong with my digestive system and btw this has been going on for almost half a year now” thing to my parents rn which is seriously limiting my ability to get any sort of dx

my self-dx skills only apply to my brain apparently and isn’t that just fucking fantastic 

tagging thesylverlining bc u are friend and my first instinct is to see if u have words of advice or digital hugs

or both idk



is there anyone in the west virginia area that would be willing to take in a young LGBT kid getting away from an abusive home for a few days while the legal shit gets worked out

please i really really really need help even if its just a signal boost this is me fucking begging ple ase

for me i never rly have times were i can choose to be nonverbal, bc i’ll be forced to speak- but when im nonverbal its not a choice, i cant talk no matter how hard i try or how much i want to

@ anon

howloweenpunk i already did the thing but tysm for tagging me! <3